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organic vegan skincare Les Happycuriennes

The skin is a sensitive, living organ. Every day, it is exposed to a multitude of internal and external stresses (environment, lifestyle, etc.), caused by modern life. Over time, these ongoing aggressions lead to different types of skin stress – oxidative, lipid and hydric – that disrupt the skin’s natural balance and hamper its ability to self-regulate. The skin is affected by these stresses in different ways: it may become dry, dehydrated, fragile or dull. It may lose its elasticity and suppleness. In the long term, all these factors can lead to premature and/or accelerated aging.

It was against this background that I created Les Happycuriennes. I wanted to introduce an alternative, organic, vegan skincare brand – one that offered a different, more natural, warm and positive vision of beauty.

Les Happycuriennes is aimed at all women who believe in a holistic approach to beauty: one that respects the ecosystem of both their skin and the planet. Through this skincare line, I want to bring happiness to all skin types. Based on essential, healthy, high-quality formulas made with pure, raw ingredients, it lets you enjoy a simple skincare routine and indulge your senses, again and again!

Carole Marchais – Cosmetic Expert and Happy Founder

For healthy, happy skin! 

• Complete protection against all types of skin stress
Oxydative, lipidic et hydric

• Cold-processed
Protects the active ingredients,
for even greater effectiveness

• One pump is all you need!
Rich in raw active ingredients
Lasts 8-16 weeks! (min)

• Organic and vegan skincare
100% plant-based ingredients
75.8% organic ingredients (minimum)
Cruelty free

• French Slow Cosmétique Label
2 stars

Coffret beauté de soins slow cosmétique bio et vegan Les Happycuriennes, made in France


3-IN-1: face • eye contour • day and/or night


• Made in France
Plants with character
Arbutus, Camelina, Hemp,
Helichrysum, Evening Primrose
Passiflora, Maritime Pine,
Plum, Sunflower

• No palm oil
or palm oil derivatives

• Eco & socially responsible / Zero waste
Packaging collected and recycled

• Completely co-created from A to Z
With the help of over 700 women – a world firstADOPTEZ LA SLOW BONHEUR ATTITUDE !

Our skincare are multi-benefit and dedicated to all skin type.

You can combine them depending on your specific needs.
1. Choose your “all-in-1” skincare tailored to your skin type
2. Combine with one of these formulas to target specific needs

La Joyeuse Normal to combination skin

Moisturize • Even • Balance • Protect • Antioxidant

L’Optimiste Dry and sensitive skin

Nourish • Soothe • Soften • Protect • Antioxidant

L’Audacieuse Tired and stressed skin, dull complexion

Tone • Radiance • Energize • Protect • Antioxidant

La Re-belle First wrinkles and mature skin

Slow aging • Regenerate • Stimulate • Protect •


• True beauty comes first and foremost from the inside…

For each of our products, you’ll find more information and tips on our website.

• …and do not need to be perfect!

We don’t believe in putting pressure on women to have perfect skin. We just want them to feel happy in their skin – and then they’ll feel beautiful! That’s what Les Happycuriennes is all about…

LES HAPPYCURIENNES sélectionne les plus belles fleurs champêtres et plantes maritimes locales issues de l’agriculture biologique ou de cueillette sauvage pour vous offrir des cosmétiques ultra-performants grâce à une formulation innovante à froid et une haute teneur en actifs. Plantes botaniques issues de filières paysannes en circuit court : semées, bichonnées, récoltées et pressées dans les terroirs du Sud-Ouest. Crèmes visage et corps, soin nettoyant, savons saponifiés à froid, tous nos soins sont adaptés aux différents types de peau pour respecter parfaitement leur écosystème. Ils sont certifiés bio*, vegan, cruelty free, slow cosmétique et vraiment Made in France avec une douce fabrication au cœur de la France. Nos soins s’inscrivent dans une logique d’éco-socio-conception qui inclut une démarche zéro déchet avec la consigne, la collecte et le recyclage des emballages. Au-delà de nos soins, nous prônons une beauté holistique, qui soit bienveillante, décomplexée et positive, aux antipodes des diktats de beauté parfaite. Nous encourageons le chouchoutage quotidien, l’estime et l’amour de soi, pour une belle peau heureuse !

* Certification par un organisme indépendant et reconnu dans le monde selon le référentiel ECOCERT disponible sur

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